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  Vieux-Habitants drainage basin


The drainage basin of the Vieux-Habitants River (surface area: 11.5 km2, average annual precipitation: 7 m3/s) is also located within Guadeloupe’s National Park, on the leeward coast of Basse-Terre Island.





The Vieux-Habitants drainage basin receives less precipitation than Capesterre. The VieuxHabitants River drains the ancient volcanoes (lavas and pyroclastic flows) of Sans Toucher and Icaque (400 to 800 Ka) and it is characterised by slopes that are generally steeper than the slopes of Bras-David, as well as soils that are thinner (halloysite-rich brown earth soils).

Nowadays, the drainage basin of Vieux-Habitants is only monitored through imaging of the riverbed morphology.










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