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Geosciences Atrium

The IPGP Geosciences Atrium is an action of the FIRE UP project of the Université Paris Cité, winner of the PIA 4, France 2030 ExcellencES program. It aims to bring together researchers and industrial players to develop new solutions around the energy transition.

Geosciences Atrium

Winner of the PIA 4 France 2030 ExcellencES program, the FIRE UP project of the Université Paris Cité aims to strengthen the impact of the University’s research on society. The Geosciences Atrium is part of this project by bringing together the strengths of the IPGP to help limit global warming by promoting the energy transition. To this end, the Atrium proposes to develop research in cooperation with industry around the use of non-fossil resources, the capture and storage of CO2 and the extraction and recycling of critical metals. These lines of research are based on the creation of industrial chairs within the Geosciences Atrium.

A first chair in “Biometallurgy for the valorisation of Critical Metals” (BioMetCrit), led by Professor Éric Van Hullebusch, has been created around the theme of recycling critical metals, applicable to telephony, screens, batteries, wind power, solar panels, etc. As part of this chair, the BaCLEM project (for Bio-assisted Closed loop recycling of E-Mobility Metals from waste PCBs and Li-Ion Batteries, ERA-MIN2 program, 2020-2024), associates the industrial partners Syngulon (Belgium) and Exitcom (Turkey) with the IPGP.

The IPGP wishes to open two new industrial chairs in 2024 as part of this Geosciences Atrium. A first chair could focus on natural hydrogen (genesis, stability and storage), opening up applications in the automotive, steel, fertilizer sectors, etc. and a second chair could focus on geothermal energy and CO2 capture and storage.