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Interaction between fast and slow earthquakes along the Chilean subduction zone

Start: 01 October 2021

Supervisors :
Jean-Mathieu Nocquet, Ruiz Sergio (Univ. Chile)

Status: In progress

Along the north-central Chilean subduction zone, bathymetric heterogeneities along the subducting plate may control the behavior of slip modes in this area, probably influenced by the presence of fluids or hydrated sediments. These fluids come from the slab through inherited fractures that can stress the megathrust, affecting the locking degree and diffusing the fluids along the plate interface. However, some of the seismicity appears to occur within the down-going slab or the overriding plate. This thesis project aims to search for deformation signatures that may witness fluid migration within the slab and investigate its relationship to aseismic transient slip, earthquake swarm, and microseismicity along the megathrust.

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