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The Geomaterials team conducts research on the links between chemical composition, molecular structure and macroscopic properties of materials, in order to address fundamental questions in Earth and materials sciences such as, for example:

– How does the chemical composition of magmas influence the dynamics of volcanic eruptions?
– What was the influence of the properties of the magmatic oceans on the accretion of the earth and the initiation of tectonics?
– What materials will help solve the energy and ecological challenges on our doorstep?

Our research activities, grouped into several themes, are based on the combination of experiments and models in order to understand the atomistic mechanisms allowing a magma to move in a volcano or a glass to be particularly resistant to shocks and thus interesting. to build a phone screen.

Our research themes give rise to collaborations with the various teams of the IPGP, as well as with international academic partners such as the Australian National University or the Toronto University, or with industrial partners such as Baccarat, Lafarge-Holcim, the CEA, Saint-Gobain Research, Corning, ANDRA, or Arcelor.