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Antoine Lucas

Antoine Lucas
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CNRS Research Scientist
Planetology and Space Sciences, External Envelopes Geochemistry, InSight Observatory
Bât. Lamarck - 7e étage - Bureau 713 - 35 rue Hélène Brion 75205 Paris CEDEX 13

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My research is focused on understanding the evolution of surfaces and near surfaces of the Earth and other planets, including lakes on Titan, landslides on Mars and icy satellites as well as aeolian transport on Mars, Venus and Titan. Other planets allow us to test our understanding of geological and climate processes under a wide range of conditions. By combining observations from planetary exploration missions with image processing and numerical modeling, I try to understand what controls the evolution of continental surfaces (including planetary counterparts) and more specifically mass wasting, aeolian and hydrology processes. Follow my research on ResearchGate and Google Scholar.  


Along with Etienne Bertrand, I am in charge of the Natural Hazard Master program. More about it on    




Because of their role in erosion and sediment supply in rivers, gravity instabilities are one of the most important geophysical processes in explainin...

Ile-de-France Planets

Ile-de-France Planets

Ile-de-France Planets is a community of planetary scientists who work in Paris and the surrounding region of Ile-de-France.



Co-investigator of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE) Laser Altimeter. Launch: 2023 Arrival at the planet Jupiter: 2031

PALAVAS: Present and pAst weathering fLuxes from tropicAl Volcanic islAndS

PALAVAS: Present and pAst weathering fLuxes from tropicAl Volcanic islAndS

On the geologic time scale, chemical weathering of silicate rocks is the largest sink for atmospheric CO2. It has been suggested that the weathering o...

SIERRA - remote-SensIng modEling from aRchived glacieR imAges

SIERRA - remote-SensIng modEling from aRchived glacieR imAges

This a technical project which aims at developing new algorithms in order to model sensor from archived images acquired during the 20's century. We wi...

Venus-Earth Atmospheric Monitoring for Seismicity (VeAMOS)

Venus-Earth Atmospheric Monitoring for Seismicity (VeAMOS)

At the beginning of the 21th century, the Earth ocean remains a territory where the deployment of dense seismic network is extremely challenging, due ...


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