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  PARI platform

High-resolution Analysis Platform


The IPGP has gathered eight of its research teams together on a large-scale instrumental project with the aim of providing a common framework for technical and scientific research. This future project enables the IPGP to reorganize and open up to new research programmes and cross-disciplinary topics. The entire scientific community will benefit from the ready availability and unique analytical capabilities of this common framework, which will provide new opportunities for scientific exchange and cooperation. The goal of this structuring project is to provide the IPGP with a new-generation, high-resolution analytical and technical platform made up of a consistent chain of innovative and ground-breaking devices. The first instruments were delivered in July 2013.


The technical platform is composed of an array of instruments that follow a logical in situ sequence, on a micro- and nano-scale. The first tier of the platform concerns preparation, visualization and qualitative analysis. These processes are performed via a microdissecting and micromachining laser that is adaptable to the samples taken in a controlled and sterile environment, a Focused Ion Beam Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB-SEM), and a Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM). The sequence then involves fine fundamental and isotopic analysis performed with two gas source mass spectrometers with high-sensitivity and high-resolution and a magnetic sector mass spectrometer, like HR-ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS. The latter instrument is able to provide different type of analyses: via laser ablation, FFF analysis, or ion chromatography analysis.



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